OriTech   —   Make Website Building Easy For You .

Facilitate the internet presence of your company to achieve  higher goal of success 

Start easily by picking a template you like  

Templates-based development brings forth a business website for you more efficiently and effectively


Seeing is Believing

The template you choose is how your future website will be looking like. No need to worry about the final design turns out to be something you feel strange to.

Multiple Menu to Choose From

Multiple templates menu of choice is provided for your consideration and to  meet the different  needs for your business whether it be a cafe, a gym, a restaurant, an on-line shop or  a real estate company, etc..

One Website Fits All

Friendly to all mobile devices including desktop, laptop, smartphones or tablet by setting up the website with automated switch mode for resolution, page size and scripture to adapt.

Google Search Support

We can help prioritize  Google Search result and setting up Google Map search for your website and make your bussiness more reachable to your customers.

Social Media Support

We can help set up social media account for your company to conduct the business marketing easy.

Strong Stats Analysis

Strong stats analysis function of your website will provide you with  important information you need to know about the viewers, the purchase orders, stream and the status of your website to help with your decision making

Customized Design

If you find that none of our templates could meet your need, or your business requires a website that features more specific functions, we would be happy to provide customized design and develpment for you! Please feel free to contact us to let us know!