The templates we provide are flexible to be adjusted to your need in following components: 

                 1. Color.  We provide 3-4 color design for each template which you can pick from to your like.

                 2. Narrative.  You are the one who defines what you have to say about your company, and we would be very excited to hear                       your story and incorporate it into the website.

                 3. Photos and icons. Photos about your company, your products or service would be very important element to help build                           up the professional image of your business, what you need to do is just to send us your favorite photos which can best                           showcase your company, your products or service.

                4. Section layout. If you don’t need some of the  sections allocated by the template, or if you would like to move a couple of                      the sections to somewhere else in your webpage, just let us know and we would be happy to make the adjustment for you.

                5. Menu bar. The content and sequence of the menu are both self- defined and flexible to be adjusted.

We are ready to adjust the design to meet your need as long as the master template structure allows. However, we request for your      understanding that not all parts of the template are subject to us to change because that some of the elements are fixed                      in the template which do not support revision and adjustment. Thank you in advance for your understanding.