Quoted price DO include the following service:

  1. Local server 
  2. Webpage design
  3. Webpage setup
  4. Consultation and other service
  5. Website-related trouble shooting

Quoted price DO NOT include:

  1. Domain name. Domain name is like the address of the internet presense of a website. There is only one domain name for each website in the world.  The cost of a domain name could vary significantly from about CAD 20 a year to more than CAD 10,000 a year depending on the popularity or uniqueness of the domain name. To register a domain name needs providing personal information and the information of your company, therefore we encourage you to register the domain name for your website by yourself. However, you could entrust OriTech to register on your behalf, we will not charge you any fee for doing this, but you need to pay the domain name server for the name you choose to the domain name provider.
  2. LOGO design. If you have already had a LOGO, you could have OriTech integrate it in the website design.  If you don’t have your own LOGO yet. Oritech is ready to provide the LOGO design service. The cost will be CAD 200 for each design package.
  3.  SSL Security Certificate. For website security reasons, we strongly encourage you to apply for a SSL Security Certificate which will increase the authenticity of your website to the viewers, prevent your website from hijack, malicious distortion and interception so as to significantly increase the security of your website. If your website will be supporting online payment, a SSL certificate will be extremely important instrument to protect the security of the transaction and reinforce your customers’ trust in your company. The SSL certificate is priced differently, normally from CAD 100 to CAD 300, by different providers. you could entrust OriTech to purchase and configurate the SSL certificate on your behalf, we will not charge you any fee for doing this, but you need to pay the cost of the SSL certificate to the provider. 
  4. Copyright of the photoes or texts. The photoes and texts you provide Oritech for website use should have proper copyright if it applies. OriTech is not obligated to pay for the photoes and texts you provide for website use. It is your responsibility to pay the cost if it applies.
  5. Daily based management.  After the delivery of the website, you will take over and manage the website by continuously updating the information of your product, company news, discount information and so on. If you are engaged in the business itself, OriTech is here to help with taking care of your website day in and day out. A rate of CAD 2 / item will be applied to the service of information updating and back platform management.